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How to Create a Classified Ads Website

15 February 2013no comments Website

6a00d8341d71ad53ef014e8a61ce02970d 800wi How to Create a Classified Ads WebsiteWant to make money online but you have no product/service to sell or aren’t interested in selling? You can try to provide a place for others to post their ads or – in short – creating a classified ads website. Having it your site will look like a newspaper where people put ads and certainly you’ll be paid for providing the space. On the other hand, your site will be famous because people look for product(s) through the ads that are put there.

Just create it now, here are the ways:

Determine the products/services you want to focus on

Firstly, you need to determine what products/services you want to focus on or what classified ads site type that you want. It depends on your interest and it is done to make people that want to post ads on the site know in which category their products are include in. Some of the examples are autos, pets, housings, clothing, etc.

Have a site and domain

The next way is certainly by creating a site as the place to put ads sellers will post. Buy a domain name that fits your niche and represents your site. In this case, to make your job easier, because you also need to buy web hosting, you can look for hosting provider that offers hosting with website builder service and free domain as well. You’ll get all in a click, right? You only need to pay the service and note it as your initial capital to start your classified ads site business.

Look for a classified script

To set your classified site easily, certainly you need to look for a classified script.  Make sure that you purchase the right one that is user friendly and ‘easy to use’, has complete features and clear demos and tutorials. It’s far better if it offers other benefits like SEO friendly benefit and a chance to earn money from Google AdSense and affiliate program.

That’s it and you can start your classified website online business now. Earn money as much as possible based on the ads fee you determine.

This is a paid post.

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